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Dyreex Black Edge 1.25mm...

Introducing Dyreex Black Edge : a comfortable co-polyester with massive spin potential and surgical targeting on full swings. With its grippy five sided profile, the Black Edge puts a tight grip on the ball, making it easier for the strings to grab and load the ball with spin. Designed  with softening agents like polyethylene additives, this string is able to provide much more comfort and power than a standard polyester.

Price $71.00

Topspin Cyber Blue 1.25mm...

Product features & key data: Optimum ball control Very good feedback Comfortable soft Arm-friendly string
Further information:
The Topspin Cyber Blue has been awarded both as "Newcomer of the year 2007" (Stringforum. net) and as String of the Year 2007 (

Price $59.00

MSV Focus Hex Ultra 1.25mm...

Ideal for advanced players looking for an explosive and snappy string with a crisp feel.

Hexagonal shape and strong snap-back effect for great spin potential.

Special coating for reduced string movement.

Price $71.00

MSV Focus Hex Plus 38...

Ideal for players using a stiff racquet frame and/or looking for a very comfortable and arm-friendly string with enhanced spin potential.

Softest among all MSV-Co-Polyester strings. 38 % more elastic vs. MSV Focus Hex®. High-performance co-polyester.

Price $67.00